Global Recovery System (GRS)

Every year millions of bags get lost in transit or left in taxis, hotels, restaurants, and other public places. Although many of these bags are found, many are never reunited with their owners because the ID tag has fallen off or there was never one to begin with. Losing your bag can be costly and devastating, but more importantly many of the items you carry in your bag are non-replaceable.

To help ensure your lost bag is returned to you, Hartmann has developed a Global Recovery System (GRS). The heart of the GRS program is the 12-character individual ID and barcode tag that is permanently attached inside your Hartmann bag. Once you purchase and register your bag, this unique ID is entered into our database along with your name and address.

Here’s how it works: when the person who finds your lost bag either calls the toll free number on the GRS tag (1-888-4-Hartmann) or goes online at to report the found bag, Hartmann will match the 12-character individual ID from the GRS tag with your name and address. We will then notify you that your bag has been found and provide you with information and arrange for its return.

Hartmann, the oldest name in luggage and business cases (since 1877) now offers the GRS service along with our other fine programs exclusively to our customers at no additional cost. We hope you enjoy your Hartmann product and continue to choose Hartmann for your luggage, business case and accessory needs. The Hartmann GRS Program is available on select products in the Tweed, Belting, Intensity, Wings and Metropolitan Collections.